iOS 7 Version Request
  • I've been using this Chrome extension to keep an eye on changes on this page
    No, I'm not associated with the developer in any way.
  • Along with everyone else who has commented I love this tweak! This is one of the main reasons I love jailbreaking. I really do miss checking messages from my laptop regardless of where my phone happens to be. I can't wait to see any improvements as the last iteration for iOS 6 was extremely solid and robust! Keep up the wonderful work :)
  • Will the IOS7 Version Still be version 2? Or will there be a new version 3 that will have to be purchase on Cydia?
  • @aiwetir thanks for pointing the extension :p

    @alex thanks for the update..
  • I cannot imagine a world where version 3 will be free. If I wake up tomorrow and it is free I will be overjoyed but if these guys have put a whole heap of hard work in to go the extra yard and make a version as stable as version 2 then I am really happy to pay again. I would love to think that paying a developer will give them the imptus to support Whatsapp. It really annoyed me when I heard that a huge percentage of people stole/pirated the previous version. I like to try the product before I buy as there are so many lame products but I also live in the real world and these guys do not fall into this catagory. It is too easy to crack a try before you buy product. Please nobody again on this forum ask again if this is going to be free. They have not answered the last 3 times it has been asked. Take the hint guys.
    I second Azote - Thanks @aiwetir on the chrome extension heads up - Also thanks @alex for the update.
  • @GreenGreen I wasn't suggesting that it would be free, all I was wondering, Can I buy version 2 in anticipation for it to be updated for IOS7, or should I wait, because there going to be releasing a version 3. Not that I'm against supporting the developers, but I don't want to pay for a product I'm not going to be able to use, and than have to turn around and buy the version I can use.
  • UI is now complete, I'm just going to tidy up/tweak a few things whilst we test (so far no major problems). Release estimate is this weekend (25-26th).

    Cheers for the kind words guys, I will have more information for everybody once we've got the final build bundled up and ready to publish.
  • thanks! @Al ! ... i was even considering writing my own ... thanks! this saved so much time
  • unpatiently patient.
  • HNNNNGGGG...... sad that this was all I had planned for my weekend. Can't wait for the release. Thanks for all the hard work.
  • Thanks! I cant wait to buy this!
  • We're just waiting on BigBoss now, submitted yesterday! :)
  • great job ;)
  • Very nice... waiting for it!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!
  • I wish it was outside, waiting for it .... some info about the publication? BigBoss still silent :)))
  • i hate time zone differences.. :'( it's 10:30am on Monday morning here.. where is it!!!! :'(
  • Sorry chaps, we're literally just waiting to get it published in the repo now. You'll probably know when it's live before me!
  • :D!! I missed out on this with ios6 as i couldn't jailbreak at the time.. looking forward to having this functionality at last!
  • Is this Remote Messages 3 or will there be an update to RM 2? or can we use RM3 on ios6?
  • I have literally been on my phone the entire day. I cannot wait for it to be released! It.... It will be today, right?
  • I believe it will be remote messages 3 and we all are waiting for BigBoss Repo to post the tweak. They submitted it Saturday so all we can do is wait on BigBoss
  • Does anyone know if bigboss has a quick turn around time?
  • Depends on the amount of people who want something asap
  • @highlanderx This is Remote Messages 3.0, which only supports iOS 7.x. If all goes according to plan, it will be listed as a separate package on Cydia titled "Remote Messages (iOS 7)", this means it *won't* show up as an update for people who already have 2.x installed.

    We plan on releasing the final version for iOS 6 (2.0.2) in the coming weeks which will include a bunch of front-end tweaks and improvements present in 3.0. Basically we're aiming to back-port as much as possible for iOS 6 users. We're also looking into bundling v1 with the new v2.0.2 release to create a "Legacy" package of sorts as it's quite lame having so many packages on Cydia.
  • @Al ! awesome! -

    --- i keep refreshing cydia changes lol...
  • Also waiting eagerly like the rest of you. Al says that they've submitted to the BigBoss repository. We can try emailing BigBoss at bigboss [at] to ask them to expedite the apporval. Might help... or it might just annoy them!
  • I've killed my battery refreshing Cydia all day - can't wait!!
  • Yeah please don't email the BigBoss guys, it'll probably do nothing more than annoy them. :)
  • @Al

    This might sound like a stupid question but I am very new to Remote Messages... I am guessing it works with SMS, MMS, and iMessage right? And when I receive a text it will go to both my phone and the Remote Messages web page?
  • Also, the whole day waiting for an update BigBoss repo, repo but the update was but remote message anywhere
  • Still waiting! Cant wait though!

  • So I do not know :))) from morning to expect more as the JB :))))
  • I too am wondering what is taking BigBoss so long.
  • That's really exaggerating .... One of the best tweaks and follows them to take.
  • Great app - but I paid $5 for v2 and then less than a week later I lost my jailbreak with an update to 6.1.4 or something (an unsupported version for jailbreak). Now I got my jailbreak back and find out remote messages doesn't work - and if I want a working version it'll cost more money?!? I'm starting to feel ripped off (typical paid apps in the app store don't cost more money with each IOS update).
  • But this is quite another turn version .. designed for iOS 7.x. It has been written that will be released a modified version for 6.x versions
  • @joshua suck it up and pay the money. How tight can you be it's $5 these guys work around their actual jobs to do this and have made a great product
  • Most people don't know.. but with remote messages you can send all sorts of attachments including PDFs!!! and at least via imessage you get them and you can open them.
  • And how do you pick either good or bad file than a picture or video??
  • don't get it... on remote messages you simply click the attachment icon and add the file as usual.
  • dude, big boss can lick my nuts. hurry up.
  • Sigh, as one of many that have been waiting and checking this thread every day from announcing it's kind of annoying that BigBoss can take /this/ long to release it. Either way, I guess it'll be worth the wait.

    Also thankyou Alex and Al for all your hard work on this :)
  • So Veency was updated for IOS 7. But it turns out it doesn't even work unless I'm in safe mode and, well it's shit. So Remote Messages, you're my only hope. I need a hero fast. <3
  • Sorry for the delay guys, we're currently trying to find out what's happening.
  • This is the exact app we all need!! I've spent a long time looking for this with no avail. Now that I have found it I will gladly wait the extra time it takes to be polished/ for Big Boss to get there head out of there asses!!
  • I think they have more problems then pulling their heads out of their asses @Julian
  • Seriously... I'd go with another repo
  • It sucks waiting this long lol

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