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The word "Watch"

edited March 2014 in Bug Reports
ok, maybe i'm going insane but, on Firefox anytime I type the word "Watch" it does not transmit... and just that word.
Am I a loner on this issue?


  • Wow, not heard of that one before! I'll investigate tonight. Can't think of anything that would do this though... Does it do it on other browsers?
  • Are you able to replicate this reliably? Sounds like it could be a Firefox plugin playing up to me.
  • I've not been able to reproduce this unfortunately, have you got any plugins installed in FF that could case this? What about other browsers?
  • It happens everytime. I'm using IceDragon (Mozilla Based) with no plugins.
    Just weird that it's only that word and everything else runs smooth. If it's not happening to ya'll, it must be something with my setup/browser. Just so odd that it's only that word.
  • Also, it works fine in IE, so it's definitely Ice Dragon. Should have explained that I was using an offshoot browser. My apologies. Still baffles the crap out of me lol
  • I also have the same issue in FireFox on multiple platforms. I am on 27.0.1 and whenever I press send after typing the word watch the word disappears and a blank text is sent. I only have AddBlocker Plus as an addon and it is disabled for the remote messages site. I have the other standard extensions (Flash, google update, intel protection, office 2013). There is an update for Firefox (29) that I am going to apply and test again. This happens on Windows 7, as well as Windows 8 on two different systems.
  • Yeah, I'm getting the same problem. Latest version of Firefox, and only a few addons.
  • AlAl
    edited July 2014
    Wow, OK I've managed to replicate this. Will investigate.

    Seems to change the word to "%0F" in the ajax post... hm
  • First off, awesome app. I use it regularly.

    Wondering if there has there been any movement with this? I just found the website but have been experiencing the same thing. The word "watch" disappears from sentences.
    I'm using FF. I'll see that it's gone in my original sentence, then type it in again and it's good. It's been happening since I started using it. Guess I'm noticing it more. Son is involved in football and see myself typing "watch" or "watching" in sentences more.
  • I've done a bit of research and it's been happening for other people with other projects. I think it boils down to this:

    The message is a string, so I'm not sure why it would have a problem here, but I can probably add some code to prevent this from happening. I'll see what I can do.

    FYI We're sitting on a bunch of micro-fixes at the moment, waiting to roll some more stuff in before we push an update because it's such minor stuff.
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