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[3.1] WiFi timeout

edited November 2014 in Bug Reports
It seems shortly after my iPhone autolocks and/or I lock it, the remote messages front-end (on the computer browser) will no longer refresh/be able to retrieve any messages.

Is this intended behavior?

This is on iOS 8


  • This is a stone-age 'Issue', iOS by design power down the WiFi chip when the phone is locked in order to conserve power.

    If you want RM to still be accessible when the screen is locked you can use a tweak like Insomnia that disables this power saving feature.
  • @Alex:

    I see, thans for clarifying.

    Is there possibly a solution that would allow it to keep the WiFi chip live only when plugged in? some kind of Cydia tweak for this?

    Thanks for the info
  • I've always found my WiFi connection remains persistent when on charge, even after locking the screen. That's without any tweaks.

    Do you have a password lock? I don't right now, so that could be why it's working for me?

    It's an interesting issue.
  • i don't have pass lock and my chip still powers down. I need insomnia AND disable autolock.
  • This is something we are investigating as part of the 4.0 release.
  • Do you mean some option to keep WiFi on while RM is active? That would be awesome! Insomnia wasn't updated for iOS8 yet, no idea if it works there, haven't tried.
    Any ETA for 4.0?
  • Insomnia works for iOS 8 for me at least.

    Some users say that toggleing off/on is required after restart/respring though.
  • @Fafner No ETA for 4.0, it's very early days yet- still trying to bugfix 3.1! >_<
  • UPDATE: As of iOS 8.4, plugging your phone in keeps the WiFi powered even when locked.
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